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Everett Soares

Everett Soares was born on September 19, 1967. For Pirate Fans, you will know thisto ironically be "Talk Like a Pirate Day." Having this infamous ocassion be on his birthday, he just had to write a story focusing on pirates. He was born and bred in Providence, Rhode Island. Everett has always been an avid fan of comic books of all genres, with George Perez being his artist idol. For awhile Everett tried his hand at drawing. While he had some ability, his passion was putting the ideas on paper through words. Writing didn't come easy for
Everett. Having been diagnosed with dyslexia at a young age, spelling and grammar has always been a challenge. Everett was determined, however, to not let this hold him back. In the Spring of 2006, Everett started documenting 2 notebooks full of ideas. Gearz was the first character he created. From there, he started to look around for an artistic team. Then he met Brian Brinlee, who is now the artist for Sky Pirates. The two of them eventually brought Everett's words to life to be the
comic book it is now. As the team evolved, they added the talents of Michael W. Kellar, Jet Amago and Cary Kelley. Everett still lives in Rhode Island, with his wife of 11 years, Susan. They have a 10 year old dog, Keri, and a dozen or so friends who have been extremely supportive
of his latest endeavors. Beyond comic books, Everett is a fan of sci fi movies and books, and enjoys painting Warhammer and Warmachine miniatures. He has won numerous awards in local and regional competitions.

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