Come to San Diego and see why Critics have been raving about Samuel Vera's There's an Alien in my Toilet. Booth S09

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I caught up with Jarrod Dodson Co-Founder of Pull List Previews

PullList Previews is going to be a place where small press publishers can get a foot hold in the market. We are developing a better way to get small press out there all in one place. There is going to be a way that when they see the book they like, your book(s) they are able to Pre-Order it direct from you. You can also set it up so they can Pre-Order it 2-3 months ahead. I have listened to all those podcasts and read columns. And every one them say the same thing, if there was a better way to get our books to the public and get more direct and pre-order sales, they would use it. I have created PullList Previews to supply that need. PullList Previews will look just like a book with only a number of pages, about 100 to start and more later.

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