Conan Volume #1 Review

Posted on December 16, 2007 (Da Craze)

Conan Volume 1: The Frost Giant’s Daughter and other stories HC


Writer: Kurt Busiek
Artist: Cary Nord, Thomas Yeates
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Genre: Action/Adventure, Classic, Fantasy

Publisher: Dark Horse

  “Catch all the action and savagery as Conan wars with the murderous Vanir, meets the Frost Giant’s Daughter, and is taken as a slave by the ancient sorcerers of Hyperborea!” 

You think that line caught my attention? Absolutely! As a child I loved Conan. I remember reading the magazine edition comics and watching the movies over and over again. My favorite Conan film has always been the Destroyer. Besides the one line above, the cover also sold me on the deal. What made the book more appealing was the artwork. What can I say, it is absolutely beautiful. The detail and fluidity of movement within this still frame medium lured me into the book. The Frazetta-esk style from the anatomy and muscle tone of the warriors to the smooth yet voluptuous lines on the women not only had me staring at each panel with pure admiration but reminded me of the paintings I so desired to own by Frank Frazetta. frazetta.jpg   

The story tells of a young Conan who ventures away from his home in search of a wondrous land full of peace, warmth, wealth and serenity. In his travel he rescues a woman from a clan of savages and aids her people in their quest for revenge against the murderous assassins. The maiden is smitten by Conan and one of the warriors is furious by this and looks to rid himself of Conan through treachery. This begins a series of events which spirals downwards for all parties and now Conan must fight for his life, freedom and revenge. The story is told extremely well and although Conan has many love interested it is difficult to feel the loss of a character because Conan appears to move on quite easily. He appears more compassionate for his fallen comrades which lead me as the reader to believe that through his eyes there will always be another woman. At least that is how I perceived it. I guess that’s why he is called Conan the Barbarian and not Fabio. I have been reunited with my childhood hero and will now continue to start my collection of Conan and journey into worlds of wonder and amazement.

I give this Volume 4C’s. Crazee Rating System

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