Crappy Cowboys are out of this world!!!

Posted on September 20, 2007 (Da Craze)

So I received a copy of a new series entitled “The Misadventures of Clark & Jefferson” from the guys over at CinemaComics. Now I have to tell you, I am not a big fan of western comics although I do love western films; go figure? And-who, I gave this book a gander and did not expect what I read.

When the crap jokes started I was a bit skeptical but once I turned the pages I found myself laughing out-loud. Jay Carvajal (writer) did his job well with the first issue. It made me want to turn the page and read more. The twist of the story caught me off guard (should have read the plot first) Lol.

Plot:Sheriff Clark and Deputy Jefferson are about to embark on the biggest misadventure of their lives. The Creatures from the Sky have arrived…and they’re hungry. (Note) The relationship between the Sheriff and his deputy is reminiscent of Abbott and Costello; Okay now I feel old. Sheesh…

If you have not read this book I advise you to pick it up. I will not give away the story here but you can visit the site for a preview of book and visit Ape Entertainment (Publisher). The artist Marc Borstel really captured the mood and feel of the story and does a great job complimenting the story. The Misadventures of Clark & Jefferson is a keeper and one I recommend reading. It is funny as heck and a change of pace from the over saturated hero/mutant/ comics in the market. I give the story four C’s.


For more from Cinemacomics visit: HERE

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