Posted on July 11, 2007 (Da Craze)

 Small PRess Idol

Round 4 of the Small Press Idol has started July 9th, with 6 books in the running, and 2 weeks to see which book sells the best to individuals on the website to take the title Small Press Idol 2007, win the 4 issue commitment, and get the Flash game based on their concept, and package of goodies from Blue Line.

Currently in the running in round 4 are:

Talon #0: By creator/co-writer/illustrator Scottie Ray Watson aka SWAT, co-writer Ron Blair and colorist Jeff Balke.Ruthless #0: By Randall Parker (writer) Lyle Pollard (artist).Translucent #0: By Ed McKeogh.Sky Pirates #0 Writer:  Everett Soares, Pencils/Cover:  Brian Brinlee

Ninja Garden #0: Written by: Kenneth E. Olson, Drawn by: Chris McJunkin

Danger Ace #0 Story: Chad Bowers, Pencils: Jerome Hinds, Inks: Matt Keltner

TalonRuthlessTranslucent Sky PiratesNinja GardenDanger Ace

So help decide who will walk away with the Small Press Idol Crown for 2007. Visit DIMESTORE PRODUCTIONS now and show your support of the small press community. Small Press Idol is currently sponsored and supported by Silver Bullet Comics, Catch Da Craze, Antropolis Studios, BlueLineArt, Comic Space, and CadreCorner.

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