Posted on June 23, 2007 (Da Craze)

Licensing International 2007


Okay, you all know last year we exhibited the Licensing International Trade show last year through our parent company Crazee Comics. You heard us talk about how important it is to do a show like Licensing, especially if you are trying to expand your brand and properties reach. This year, I decided to pass as an exhibitor and attend as a professional looking to network and make connections. My goal was to see what the latest and newest IT products were and try and make a contact with King Features or United Media.

I started out the morning on a sour note because after I boarded the bus to NY from NJ, I realized I left my digital camera behind. After I cursed myself over a dozen times and just decided to make the best of it and stay on the bus. I don’t have to tell you how impressive and stunning the set-ups and booths are.

No event can compare the detail and thought that goes into Licensing. You spend the first part of your day just staring in amazement and imagining your characters being displayed in such a fashion. At least I did…I decided to stroll past King Features and noticed they did not have a information desk like some of the other companies. They had a makeshift Diner and the tables were filled with suits hobnobbing and negotiating. There was no one person you could ask for information or a rep to pass your business card to. I definitely did not want to interrupt one of the table meetings to I continued on. The Warner Bros compound; yes compound, was so secure you would think the President was making an appearance. They had these buff dudes in tight shirts standing by the entrance and exits of the WB set-up and unless you were invited or had a scheduled meeting, there was not chance of getting access. Licensing Show

I walked over to the Teddy Scares booth; we met the creators at the NY Comic Con, and I was impressed how these guys continue to move forward and push their product. Interview with creative team coming soon. I also spoke with one of the Reps for Conan and she informed me that the latest Conan film in currently in production for a 2009 release. No Arnold Schwarzenegger will not be playing Conan and yes it is an unknown who was cast for the part.

I also noticed a Bear theme at the show and checked out Swear Bears by New Biz Development. Take a bunch of bears and put theme in cute outfits and have them say as many swear words as possible. For more visit . There were also some comic companies there like Virgin, Marvel, DC and some smaller less notable ones as well. I picked up a couple of books like Love and Capes by Thomas F Zahler which is published through Maerkle Press. Visit for more. Interview coming soon. I also picked up G.I. Spy by Boom Studios.

The feeling of the event was business…business…business. People were wheeling and deeling all day long and looking for new products for possible investments. I exchanged a few business cards and learned plenty from being on the other end rather then an exhibitor. I almost forgot, I was stunned to see the new CGI animation of Star Wars which I will research to determine when it will be aired. It was full 3D animated and it looked AWESOME!!!. Teddy Scares

Final note: If you want to be the master of your own empire and build upon a brand like Todd McFarlance, Charlse Schulz, Kevin Eastman or Peter Laird did, Licensing is a show to consider. Comic Conventions cater to the consumer but are limted. Licensing exsposes you and your product to the Buyers, Agents, Producers, Executives with buying power to expose your product to a global market. Does this mean your product will be picked up? Absolutely NOT!!! It does give you a playing field to get noticed and network. You have to do your homework and work on your presentation, display, merchandising samples, protoypes, and secure advertising before entering the show. That’s it for now, I will touch on this more on the show but if you want to learn about licensing visit

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