Posted on June 19, 2007 (Da Craze)


So I was at the New York Comic Book Spectacular and decided to browse through the .50¢ comic bins. Why would I do that you ask? Well, the convention fell on the same day as the Puerto Rican Day Parade so traffic was extremely light. I sold a couple of books to Die Hard Doodie fans but that was it, so I left my table and went shopping for comics.  

Man; I had a field day going through all of those independent goodies. Yes, I said it, IN-DE-PEN-DENT!!! I love small press comics and 90% of my inventory is small press. I ended up picking up about 30 comics which I will write about on this blog on a weekly basis. One of the first books I picked up was Death Jr. Book 2. I could not find book #1, so don’t ask. Death Jr. Book 2

The gist of the book is simple, Death is the Grimm Reaper and Jr. is his son. Junior wants desperately to be an adult death dealer and soul taker but his father, Death, tries to explain the need for patience and training. Death Jr. Does not appreciate his father’s gift and pouts about having a kid’s version of a Scythe. His uncle Mo appears from nowhere and manipulates Jr. into doing evil deeds. 

  Death Jr. does not realize he is playing into his uncles hands as he plots to condemn Death and take over as the Grim Reaper. I enjoyed this book and found it to be an easy read. The growing pains as a youth, the identity crisis one faces when dealing with bigotry due to physical characteristics, even the battle of siblings over power and acceptance. This all plays true in everyone’s lives which is why this book is well done and thought through. . I give it 3.5 C’s. . catch da craze rating I will definitely follow the series and see where it leads as my curiosity has been peeked.

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