Movie Review: “SLAYER”

Posted on June 17, 2007 (MicheleStMartin)

Hey there babies! Me Michele here with my very first post, which will be a movie review for the Indpenedent Horror film feature, “Slayer”, written, directed & produced by Ed Paduzzi.

SLAYEROkay, a quick synopsis… well, sorta:

After witnessing a brutal murder, Eric Carlson, a young college transfer student, slowly discovers the unpleasant reality behind the vampire myth. Very much like rabies, a disease infects the outskirts of our populace, and like animal pest control, there are those who must put the infected down. As a clean-up crew member for the (hence-named) “slayers” work, the young Eric becomes disillusioned with the romanticized aspects of violence in the 3 years he’s involved, and learns that life is lived in a gray area light years away from black & white.

To be honest, when I was handed the DVD & viewed the slick artwork on the cover, I didn’t know what to expect before popping the disc into my player. Just that I was going to view something different. I was right – different it was.

Word of thumb – never judge a movie by it’s DVD cover art – duuuh…

The movie was pretty damned good for a first time director of a feature-length film. It’s a well thought-out plot, with remnants of “Versus”, “28 Days Later”, “Near Dark” and a small yet effective film called “Darkness” thrown in for good measure. The acting was impressive – the cast being made up of friends/classmates of the said writer/producer/director. And I loved the cinematography – pretty stylish. Most of the colors were somewhat muted, but when the blood & violence ensued (and BOY, when it went on, it went ON – plenty of it for you gorewhores out there), the screen was splattered with rich, wonderful shades of al kinds of red. Nice!

When Sam & I spoke with Mr. Paduzzi, he said he wasn’t planning on making another horror film. He wanted to explore other avenues & genres. That’s all good – sort of a pity though. Me thinks he’s got a knack for this sort of thing. Really interested in seeing what else this talented, prolific ambitious dude has got up his sleeve.

For the moment however, I give this flick two severed thumbs up… pick it up & give it a try.

‘Till later kiddies, later… ED PEDUZZI INTERVIEW HERE!


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