Doodies Adventures, Vol 1, Diabolical Egomaniac Overlord Nemesis (Ages 6-10)

Posted on February 21, 2010 (Da Craze)

+ + + Doodies Adventures, Vol 1, Diabolical Egomaniac Overlord Nemesis
Author/illustrator:  Samuel Vera
Publisher:  Crazee Comics, December 2008
Ages: 6-10

Book review by Lisa Barker,

Doodie's Adventures by Creator Samuel Vera © 2010

Book description: Every day, young Doodarius must deal with a school bully.  He decides the only way to stop this “Diabolical Egomaniac Nemesis Pooh-Pooh” is to call on Super Doodie.  But wait, is he really a super hero?

Book review: Hilarious!  Get back at bullies by escaping into Doodie’s world of adventure and bathroom humor where Doodie is a kickin’ superhero.

Here’s the breakdown:

Characters: Laugh-out-loud funny.  Kids will easily cheer this would-be superhero and razz the arch-nemesis.

Events/story line: Unique due to ribald humor.  Will delight most kids in the 6-10 year age range, especially boys.

Illustrations: Appealing and humorous.

Reader relevance: Samuel Vera channels 6-10-yr old humor and imagination precisely.

Reader Excitability/ Overall Presentation: Not a bad presentation.  Instead of bubble captions, Vera prints speech in paragraph format alternating text and illustrations by page.  For this book, it reads like text on a computer screen which is appropriate for this story.

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