Scary Aerie (Ages 6-10) gets +++ Review

Posted on February 21, 2010 (Da Craze)

+ + + Scary Aerie
Author/illustrator:  Samuel Vera
Publisher:  Crazee Comics, November 2008
Ages: 6-10

Book review by Lisa Barker,

Scary Aerie by creator Samuel Vera © 2010

Book description: This is the tale of a girl named Arianna LeBlanc, who moved to a small town in Colorado and made all the mean children disappear.  No one is certain of the facts; at least no one who survived.  Well, that’s not completely true.  There is one person who lived to tell of the time when Scary Aerie came to town.  Wait to you hear this story.  Boy, it’s a scary one!

Book review: Scary, engaging and cool.  Scary Aerie is the perfect tale to haunt your imagination!

Here’s the breakdown:

Characters: Scary Aerie is the kid we’ve all been or known in school who gets teased…just because.

Events/story line: How this child handles bullies is both scary and rewarding.

Illustrations: Great illustrations bring this tale to fruition.

Reader relevance: 6-10 yr. olds will relate having witnessed bullying tactics at school.  They will love the ‘ghost tale’ woven to explain Arianna’s revenge.

Reader Excitability/ Overall Presentation: A sleepover with mom telling the tale of Scary Aerie is the perfect format for this age group.

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