Mandie Pandie in “The Curfew” (Ages 4-8)

Posted on February 21, 2010 (Da Craze)

+ + + Mandie Pandie in “The Curfew”
Author: Samuel Vera Illustrator: Hector Rodriguez
Publisher: Crazee Comics, November 2008
Ages: 4-8

Book review by Lisa Barker,

Mandie Pandie in the Curfew by Creator Samuel Vera © 2010

Book description: When a young girl named Mandie Pandie decides to stay up past her bedtime, she finds she has entered a nightmarish world. Now Mandie Pandie must escape the clutches of Witches and Goblins and get back home with her friends Bunny and Bear. Does Mandie Pandie learn a valuable lesson about having a curfew?

Book review: A great read for ages 4-8. Vera’s story and Rodriguez’ illustrations are laughable and quite expressive, making this page turner more silly than scary, but he gets the point across.

Here’s the breakdown:

Characters: Mandie does what we all desire: she stays up way past her bedtime.

Events/story line: But what happens next serves as a chilling, but humorous, reminder that mom and dad know best.

Illustrations: These illustrations are so expressive – the looks on Mandie and her friends’ faces! They will definitely give parents a great chuckle.

Reader relevance: 4-5 yr. olds can try out their fantasy of staying up past their bedtime in this comic.

Reader Excitability/ Overall Presentation: A little different from the other comics by Samuel Vera that I have reviewed so far, but definitely a worthwhile comic to read with your little one that will spark an interest in comics.

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