Kids Comic Con Wrap Up

Posted on April 27, 2009 (Da Craze)

Creator Samuel Vera interviewed at Kids Comic Con 2009
WOW! What can I say? The 3rd Annual Kids Comic Con was so much fun!
Alex Simmons (Event Founder and acclaimed writer) has a gold mine on his
hands. Why, after so many years has no one realized the potential for an event
like this is beyond me.

I remember the first time Alex Simmons approached me about his event. I was at
the Big Apple Con signing copies of my comics and Alex handed me a flyer for his event;
“The Kids Comic Con”. Finally, I thought, an event for the audience I create for. Unfortunately,
I was already booked for the Pittsburgh Comic Con and I could not attend the KCC. I regretted
not canceling Pittsburgh and I made a point to attend KCC the following year and
each year after.

Last year, was my first appearance at the Kids Comic Con and I was blown away by the
response I received, not only from the kids but from the media as well. I thought to myself,
this is awesome! I finally have a venue that just focuses on Kids comics and books, without
all of the marketing hype, celebrity saturation and TV/movie mumbo jumbo. I had the ability to
make connections and share my stories with my audience; that was a great feeling!

I was hooked and was anxiously waiting for the 3rd Annual KCC 2009. I was not disappointed.
First, thank you Alex for inviting me and making the experience a pleasant one. And thank you
to all of the fans, old and new, who purchased my books and shared your thoughts of the
stories and characters I care about. This year, I gave several interviews to indy pod-casters,
Bronxnet TV, indy film makers creating a documentary, and writers for several online news

I also met with Matt Herring of Secret Identity Podcast, and the head of Archie Comics, pretty cool.
This year there were more kids and families then the previous year which is a testament to Alex’s hard
work and commitment to the KCC. Although I had plenty of materiel like Mandie Pandie in the Curfew,
The Adventures of Cosmic Gorf, Scary Aerie, Cosmic Wars and There’s an Alien in my Toilet.
The kids flocked to Scary Aerie and my bad boy Doodie of There’s an Alien in my Toilet. I am glad I
had more units printed from Ka-Blam. The posters were a hit as well.

Unfortunately, the Kids Comic Con is an annual event and only in the Bronx. I sincerely hope
Alex Simmons can find a smart investor who realizes the potential of an event for kids. Imagine
if Kids Comic Con were National? I do believe this is something you can’t combine with a
regular comic convention. The magic will get lost. Comic book conventions are for the teens
and adults and the kids never have an opportunity to indulge in their likes. I can’t tell you how
many times I see adults bring kids to comic conventions only to pull them away when the
child sees something he/she wants. The adult is too busy trying to meet their favorite creator
get a copy of their favorite book that the kid only becomes resentful and ends up being extra
help to carry the adults purchases. There is none of that at the KCC. Families bring their kids for
a reason and that is to have fun, enjoy reading and learn.

Alex Simmons had all sorts of panels teaching and discussing comics, animation, its creative
process and more. When each panel was announced, the show floor would become empty
as the families ran to each panel. Pretty cool! Hey my wife even stayed with me the whole
time. She would never stay with me at a typical comic con.

I would chose a Kids Comic Con over a typical comic convention any day. So Alex, keep
making it happen and I am certain you will be the driving force behind one of the biggest
kids events in the nation in the near future. Until next year, Kids rule and I love creating
material for them. After all, I am a kid at heart.

Photo’s from Kids Comic Con HERE!!!

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