Crazee Comics President Samuel Vera on The CNET Networks show “The 404”

Posted on October 16, 2008 (Da Craze)

Union City, NJ (October 10th, 2008) – Crazee Comics, founder Samuel Vera appeared on the 404 show on the CNET Network Friday October 10th 2008.

 Samuel Vera creator and founder of Crazee Comics TM and Crazee Kids TM, made an appearance on CNET’s “The 404” to discuss his trade paperback of the critically acclaimed series; There’s an Alien in my Toilet, and his line up of children’s books. With the announcement of There’s An Alien in my Toilet hitting books stores this Christmas season and Crazee Kids line-up of children’s books, the interview plays a crucial role into the marketing and promotional campaign for Crazee Comics. Watch the Episode here:;txt


Crazee Comics Samuel Vera on CNETs the 404 show

Crazee Comics Samuel Vera on CNET's the 404 show

About Samuel Vera

 Samuel Vera has garnered local and National attention for CCM brands and has appeared on radio, print and television including American Latino TV, Streetside NBC, News12, The Neighborhood Journal, Family Magazine, CBS owned KDKA radio, KUSI Channel 9 San Diego News, On the inside now radio, Nuff Said radio, NYU Radio, The Writers Workshop radio show, Fan Boy radio, License Magazine, NJ Journal Newspaper and more.


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About The 404 Podcast

The 404 is where…well…you won’t find much of anything to help you stay connected to the latest news. You will, however, find three guys who are obsessed with tech talking about music, movies, games, and anything else in pop culture that uses technology.



Wilson Tang is an associate producer for CNET TV. He’s a part-time artist and filmmaker and has written and directed several films. He likes long walks on the beach and girls.

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 Justin Yu can be found tinkering with printers and other peripherals for CNET, when he’s not adjusting his headphones, riding his bike, or eating hot dogs for breakfast.

About Crazee Comics Media, LLC

Crazee Comics TM is a small press publisher of comic books and now children?s book via Crazee Kids TM. CCM is currently seeking to license its properties in all forms of media from publishing, animation, merchandising and toys and more. Interested parties please inquire via and add License in the subject line. Visit: for more.


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