NYCC 2008 – WHAT a Ride!!!

Posted on April 23, 2008 (MicheleStMartin)

AWRIGHT! Now that I’ve started to catch my breath & go back to some sort of normalcy (whatever the heck that means in the first place when it comes to my life), here’s my personal account of what went on at the NYCC 2008! Well, what I can remember anyway…

DAY 1, April 18

Got to the Jacob Javits at around 10:30, dropped off my stuff at the NovaStar Studios table (more on them later) and reported to Sammy, who had me working right away. And WHOM was my first interview with but none other than NEAL ADAMS! Talk about trial by fire. Went off without a hitch & was very informative & candid. Nice man too.

Went off to take in some of the atmosphere & say hello to friends & colleagues I haven’t seen in awhile. It took me a minute to absorb the SHEER ENORMITY of this event. Rows upon rows upon rows of publishers, artists, toy companies, vendors, etc. I was so overwhelmed, but I was elated to be a part of all of it. Interviewed our boys John, Jorge & Anibal over at the Street Journal table so they could tell us about what they’ve been up to & talk about future projects. Headed on over to the CAG booth & helped them stuff booklets & give out invites to the Indy After Party. At about 4:00, George (our patient cameraman) & I went on over to the Stan Lee panel, which was advertised as happening on Saturday. Oh well,  WE knew about it, so we went down to record it. I guess because of the mis-scheduling of the discussion, there were lots of empty seats. More the better for us! After that, more mingling. I THINK I conducted another interview & later hung at my “bro” James Rodriguez’s NovaStar Studios table, where incidentally was the debut of the NovaStar Studios 2009 Fantasy Art Calendar in which I had a couple of pieces. Did a couple of signings too. THAT blew my mind. Checked in with Sammy once again & so on (I guess at this point you’ll get the jist that I was bouncing around between 3 tables – Sammy’s Crazee Comics, CAG’s & NovaStar’s. WHEEEEEW!!!). I called it a night after this particular day was over, ’cause I knew that Saturday was gonna be INSANE.

DAY 2, April 19

Man, “insane” was an understatement. WHIRLWIND was more like it! Again, I was jumping between 3 tables & did more interviews. To tell you the truth, Saturday was so nuts I don’t even remember who George & I checked out. Can you believe that? I do remember us going downstairs to record the Emily the Strange panel, which was really funny & well, strange… lol. I really didn’t want to leave it, but we had to so we could catch up on interviewing & getting film footage. AH! Yes, we went over to the CHAOTIC booth where Matt & Drew told us about the Chaotic Trading Card Game they designed. That booth was chock full of activity with gamers playing in full effect. We had a truly cool time talking to the guys. So sweet.

After that I mingled some more & took some personal time to do a little shopping of my own with Liz, one of my cohorts in crime at CAG. Bumped into MANY of my friends & sauntered over to the CAG table, where I debuted my very own 2008 Sketchbook & ooohed & aaahed over the latest issues of the CAG Anthology & PSYCHOSIS. Between the CAG & Guildworks Productions booths (Mark Mazz’s publishing company), there were many great comics put out by the members – Hell’s Blood, Sleazy Does It, Silly Doll Tales, the list goes on. Later on toward the end, I just walked around to get a feel for whom I wanted to talk to & get on camera for the last day. But before that, I went on over to the Tall Tales/Dreamweaver Press booth to chat with Daphne & Jose, who are incredible. Not only do they publish a line of comics, but they’re printers as well. Been doing it for about 15 years to boot. Again, it’s all been captured, so I know you’ll check them out.

Come 7:00 everyone packed up & walked over to the Twin Pub for the Indy After Party! Those are ALWAYS hella fun. Got to see & hang with many people I haven’t been able to. Even got chummy with Ken Gale & Mike Lilly (sweethearts if there ever were) & conducted a couple more interviews with Geoff of Shocker Toys & Omar of Digital Villain Studios. Then we went downstairs to record the 1st Annual CAGGIE Awards Ceremony, which was short, but heartfelt. Got it all down on tape & audio so I’m sure you’ll see the festivities. Went back upstairs to get a ‘lil nice on some Guinness & once again called it a night.

DAY 3, April 20

The last day was actually the most fun for me. Upon coming in (late – BIIIIIIG surprise. Sammy had the notion to honor me with the moniker of “Rock Star”, the punk. What did he expect what with the frivolities & shenanigans the night before? lol), I took some time to go to all 3 tables & make the rounds, including bothering Alitha E. Martinez (Yume & Ever) so she could sign my copy of her fabulous comic. Then me & George went over to the Teddy Scares booth to chat with Joe DiDomenico & talk about his current & future projects (MUCH to talk about). That was lively & fun. I LOVE his company’s stuff. Joe’s wonderful. After that I went over to the NovaStar booth & signed some copies of the Calendar & some prints that James was good enough to produce. Hung out with some old High School of Art & Design buddies who decided to come by & show their support. It was Kid’s Day at the Con, so my best friend’s brother brought his son, whom I haven’t seen in ages. He’s turning into a young man before my eyes, but it’s nice to know he will forever be a comicbook freak like the rest of us.

At around 3ish George & I made our way over to the Shawnimals booth to get a hold of creator & CEO Shawn Smith. I’m a big fan of all things Shawnimal, so it was a treat to meet & interview him! Got some great audio & video of our conversation & went back to the Artists Alley to talk with pin-up artist extrordinaire, Susan Heidi. This lady’s work HAS to be seen to be believed. So glad I got to talk to her & give her some good exposure (eh, forgive the pun… lol). I believe before Susan I got our boys at the Cup ‘O Java Studios booth (Ray & Ed) to say a few things about what they were doing & then some. That interview was, ummmmmmm… let’s just say it was “energetic”. Heheh…   

After that, my stretch was done. I packed up, said my goodbyes & had some dinner with friends before I went home to crash like I don’t know what. I’m STILL recovering from this whole thing! All in all though, this was an experience to be believed. Just as much fun as it was hectic. And I’m already looking forward to next year! Dear Lord, help us… lol!

I’ve got MANY to thank for making this Con so special & memorable:

-Sammy Vera/Crazee Comics

-James Rodriguez/NovaStar Studios

-The Digital Villain bros. (Omar & George)

-Comicbook Artists Guild (Keith Murphey & Co.)

-Mark Mazz/Guildworks Productions

-Cup ‘O Java Studios (Ray, Ed & Gary)

-Joe DiDomenico/Teddy Scares

-Susan Heidi

-The Chaotic boys (Matt & Drew)

-Neal Adams

-Shawn Smith/Shawnimals

-Street Journal (John, Jorge & Anibal)

-Geoff Beckett/Shocker Toys

-Mike Lilly


-Ken Gale

-Everett & Susan Soares

-Bob Sodaro

-Chris Buchner

-Liz Ortiz

-Brian Kong

-Dave Ryan

-Ken Kobayashi

-Alitha E. Martinez

-Jason & Zach Shaw

-Diana Ponce

-John Arocho

-Johnny Barlanti

-Alexis Camp

-Kendal Brown

-Wade Pizarro

-Chris Torres

-Ravi Wilkie

-Mark Torres & Belkis/MFC Studios/Comicbook Novice

-David Quiles

-Don O’Keefe (I know you showed even if I didn’t see you)

-Jason McAlpin

-Pete Hernandez

-Monty Lopez

And anyone I’ve forgotten to mention… THANK YOU!!! Can’t believe how blessed I am…

‘Till next time,


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