Posted on April 15, 2008 (MicheleStMartin)

M’kay, since I’ve gotten questions from so many of you guys like, “Are you going?” & “Where will you be?”, here are my answers:

1) YES!!! I’ll be there all 3 days…

2) I’ll be at the following booths at various times: Comicbook Artists Guild (CAG) booth 2369, NovaStar Studios/Dreamchilde Press C 23/24 & Crazee Comics K 32

I’ll be signing copies of the “NovaStar Studios 2009 Fantasy Art Calendar” @ the NovaStar Studios/Dreamchilde Press booth at some point, AND I may even have a goody or two up my sleeve… we shall see!

Oh, not to mention I’ll be conducting interviews with some VERY special guests throughout the Con!

I’ll also be on hand @ the Industry’s Indy After Party Saturday night @ The Twins Pub.

So yeah, I’m gonna be a ‘lil busy… lol!

Hope to see as many as I can of you THERE!!! Thanks so much for your support!

Much love,


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