Posted on April 11, 2008 (MicheleStMartin)

YUME and EVER, Issue #1

Story & Art by Alitha E. Martinez

Bullpen: Peanut Butter Joe Studios

Ariostorm Productions

Yes, yes, YES!!! It is I, “The Stranger” herself. I AM alive & kicking, but before I go astray, I’m not here to talk about the wonder that is me. I’m here to actually talk about someone else & their latest work!

Artist & comic creator Alitha E. Martinez is a veteran in the Industry. She has worked on such prestigious titles as “THOR” & “IRON MAN” amongst others. Now, she has gone her own route, starting her very own Indy publishing company (ARIOSTORM PRODUCTIONS) and embarking on a project all her own in every way – “YUME and EVER”. She handled everything from the writing to the artwork, and let me tell you, she’s done quite a job. From what I gather, this effort has been a long time coming, and she’s finally done it. Kudos alone for that…

Now, without giving too much away, the story involves the introduction of the title’s main characters, two young superheroes named, you guessed it – YUME & EVER, as they embark in a Battle Royale with a VERY angry & evill-looking nemesis with a clan of other young superheroes in an EXTREMELY ravaged NYC…

Oh yeah. There IS one thing I forgot to mention…

There is NO dialogue whatsoever… as a previous ad campaign for this endeavor stated – “There ARE NO WORDS…”.

At first, that took me aback a little, as, well, I’m used to my comics with words… lol. But you know what? Upon checking it out, it REALLY makes you pay attention to the story even more. Even though the panel layout is unconventional as well, it IS totally well-designed and easy to follow, which is important in ANY form of sequential art, words or no words. There is ALOT of action & gets a little busy, but it’s SO well-drawn & executed that you WANT to turn the page & find out what happens next.

In short, I give “YUME & EVER” a big TWO FANGS. Congrats on a cool comic. I’m sure the “no dialogue” will put some people off at first, but man, I say give it a chance. It’s been done before – not often, but it really makes one look at comics in a new & exciting way.

Alitha’s comic will be debuting at the NEW YORK COMIC CON next week, April 18th – 20th. She will be there in the flesh to autograph & talk about her effort – one of many to come I hope!

Awright, with that, I’m out, for now… see ya at the NYCC!!!


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