Samuel Vera to appear on Planet Comic Book Radio March 4th

Posted on March 2, 2008 (Da Craze)

CDC News WireMarch 2, 2008 Crazee Comics Samuel Vera to appear on Planet Comic Book Radio 


Publisher and Host, Samuel Vera has been invited to appear on Planet Comic Book Radio for a live interview March 4th 8:00 PM EST 5:00 PM Pacific. The interview coincides with Samuel Vera’ promotional campaign to exploit his latest endeavor, “Nani-Tales”; an all age’s children series slated to debut at the march 29th Kids Comic Con.

________________________________________________________________________ About Samuel Vera
Samuel Vera is the founder of Crazee Comics Media Group LLC; an independent publisher of Comic Books including the Critically Acclaimed series “There’s an Alien in my Toilet”. He is also the founder and host of popular independent Podcast “Catch Da Craze”, currently in its 3rd year with over 200,000 hits monthly and an archive of over 150 shows. Catch Da Craze is the Official Sponsor of the NY Comic Con Indy after Party now in its 3rd year. Visit: ________________________________________________________________ The Show

 Planet Comic Book Radio celebrates the creators of comics and the culture of comic books. Featuring interviews with a variety of independent comic creators, the show also celebrates the culture inspired by, and dedicated to, the world of comic books. We’ll talk with both emerging and established creators from the indie scene, as well as occasionally talking to seasoned veterans from the mainstream. Even folks who are not necessarily comic creators may make appearances, so beware! In addition. to discussing storytelling, artistic influences, the marketplace, tools of the trade, and other essential issues, we won’t hesitate to talk about comic book related movies, toys, books, websites, trinkets and other assorted geek topics that capture our fancy!_______________________________________________________________About the Host:

Javier Hernandez is the creator of the comic book, El Muerto: the Aztec Zombie, published under his own imprint Los Comex. He is also the Associate Producer of the El Muerto live-action film adaptation. Javier Hernandez is the Host and producer the radio talk show, PLANET COMIC BOOK RADIO at Perspective Radio.Com Visit:

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