Pittsburgh Comic Con and the road there

Posted on April 28, 2007 (Da Craze)

As I sit here in my room which I share with three others, David Quiles, Jonathan Syphax and Sketch card Artist Brian Kong, I can not help but review the months that lead up to Pittsburgh. This was a con; although good, was not on my radar for 2007. Expense wise I really wanted to focus on the local shows and prepare for San Diego. Money was a factor and I had to try and find ways to cut costs. I also knew making re-orders of my books for the con would be an issue because the freelance work to pay for the company has been sporadic. So, I counted my pennies and pulled enough just to print what we needed, not what we expected to sell. There is a BIG difference! We always want to sell several hundred books, but in reality it is a gamble so to place it safe and avoid having to lug around heavy gear I decided on 50 copies of each title.

I also used my wife’s car to cut costs of having to rent a vehicle. I packed a cooler with sandwiches, drinks, snacks and was ready to hit the road. The goal was to drive out and meet Jorge at the show. It is now Saturday and I have not heard from Jorge and he has yet to arrive. I had plans to conduct some interviews but, because we need to generate revenue I focused on remaining at my booth and promote the books. We arrived in good time to the show and after a few drinks and some good eats at Houlihans, I went to sleep early to get up for my 7:00 AM interview with KDKA radio LISTEN HERE , Pittsburgh’s largest station. The interview was great but the final version was edited to an introduction and me giving a synopsis of There’s an Alien in my Toilet.

The guys stood out until 2:00 AM and returned bombed, waking me in the process. @#$%!. Day 1 of the show was pretty slow and the floor traffic was sporadic at best. We managed to make some sales and catch up with some friends but the Friday crowd seemed to want commission art. So, I decided to get the rusty pencil out and start selling art. I got into the groove and took some photo’s of the pieces I worked on and the commissions David sold as well. George Perez had a line for miles and considering this is the last con for him until 2009, it is understandable. So as the show wrapped up for Friday, we headed to KFC and ordered to buckets of chicken four mash potatoes, biscuits, and tons of sides. I feel like a bloated camel. But it was good and the gas still passes on Saturday. The affects of greasy chicken! UMM UMM GOOD!!! One of the highlights of the Comic Con was the VIP suites. All guests had a floor with sofa’s, free food and drinks, a poker room and tons of networking.

I had a lengthy conversation with Angel Medina about politics in comics, the future of comics and his new project “Venom”. It’s funny; we met several years ago at a Wizard show and have been in contact since. I absolutely love his work and the fact that he is so down to earth is a bonus. I also chatted up with Peter Rios of Comic Geek Speak, Ryan McLelland of Newsarama, Rich Bernatovich of Sentinels and tons more. The event itself was great for commission artists and the vendors with the half off signs. In small press traffic was sparse. It was torture. What can you do though? The road home I realized something important. There are things I am not willing to compromise and certain decisions I needed to make. More on that in building a brand.

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