PODCAMP NYC: Why you need to be a part of this?

Posted on April 9, 2007 (Da Craze)

Catch Da Craze TV was on location at the first annual Podcamp NYC located at the New Yorker Hotel. We sat in on a conference and collected some footage of Team Rocket Boom.

I have to say; this event was a tremendous educational experience for me. Not knowing what to expect, I went fully equipped and ready for anything. I mean, I had my Sony Cybershot 7.2 ready, I had my Sony Digital HandyCam with me, I had my Olympus WS-100 digital voice recorder and my portable AKG D750 microphone. Not to mention I had my pen and pad just to write things down so I can remember for later.

I met up with fellow podcaster and independent film-maker Omar Solis at the New Yorker Hotel. I made certain to get my cup of Joe and breakfast sandwich so I wouldn’t have to leave the event later. 8:45 AM was to have a panel entitled “Podcasting for the Hispanic Market”. Guess what? The speaker did not show… WHAT HAPPENED?!! We were miffed! What made it worse is that just before we joked about how we would be the only two people who showed and DAMN we were right, but we never expected the speaker would not show.

So after sitting through the hour waiting until the next panel we headed off to the Rocket Boom presentation. I did not realize how big these guys were not to mention I never even heard of them. This panel discussion made me realize how important it is to drive your business and produce consistent, on time, quality content. Until the next update on Podcamp…

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