Quiles Kills It!

Posted on March 10, 2007 (MicheleStMartin)

It’s tough as nails to find a committed artist! Add to that, finding one who can tell a great story through sequential art! Enter Mr. David Quiles. The Crazee Comics crew has known David for a few years now and since the very beginning David has shown us nothing but love. His words of encouragement […]

The Wolf & The Craze You think you know?

Posted on March 8, 2007 (Da Craze)

It’s funny how life plays out. You never know whose path you’re going to cross or who you will be working with. We are a prime example of this. A few years back when we first entered the convention scene we met a few local artists at the con and were directly across from each […]

Surviving Comic Con NY Final Wrap Up

Posted on March 6, 2007 (Da Craze)

So, you’ve heard me rant on the show and read about my mixed opinion of the convention. Now here are my final thoughts of Day 3 and the event as a whole. Day 3, Sunday was probably the most productive day for us at the show. I was able to break away from the table […]

Surviving Comic Con NY Pt 4

Posted on March 4, 2007 (Da Craze)

Okay, the night has ended at the NY Comic Con and it is time to head to the 2nd Annual Indy after Party sponsored by DreamChilde Press, Drumfish Productions, Comic Artist Guild and Crazee Comics. I so need this at this point and collect my things to head out with Jorge Da Dreamer and Anibal […]

Surviving Comic Con NY Pt 3

Posted on March 3, 2007 (Da Craze)

Okay, it is day 2 and I am optimistic and psyching myself for a dynamic day (considering the first was challenging). We repositioned our table to create an open space so that consumers would enter our area like a booth. I also lugged my pod-casting equipment to the show (3 mic’s, a mixer, G4 notebook […]

NY Comic Con (What a difference a year makes)

Posted on March 1, 2007 (MicheleStMartin)

WOW! It felt like I was at an out of town convention. I’m from New York, and even though the NYC Comic Con was at the Javitz Center in Manhattan, I just felt like I was an out of towner! That’s how much fun I had! That’s me paraphrasing a statement I made last year […]

Surviving Comic Con NY Pt 2

Posted on (Da Craze)

Okay, so it is the morning of the Comic Con and I still don’t have the fourth issue of There’s an Alien in my Toilet back from the printer. I also don’t have the corrected file of the Oogoolie Boogoolie’s. Am I nervous? ABSOLUTELY!!! To put things into perspective, a full-page story hit the newsstands […]