March Edition 2008:

WOW!!! What can I say about the progress from Crazee Media but WOW! This year has started off with a BANG and is continuing the momentum with some really great news. First Founder Samuel Vera appeared on National Television as American Latino conducted a five minute feature of the creator and his stories. This sparked a series of media interviews and appearances which has exploited Crazee Media Group to a wider audience. Since the debut of the National Feature, Samuel Vera has had his artwork displayed in the Color of Comics Exhibit and has made appearances on Planet Comic Book radio, News12, CableVision's Neighborhood Journal show and Bronx Family magazine (slated for a May release). Samuel Vera has been recognized by sites such as and Diamond Galleries Scoop which have adverstised Crazee Comics announcements and press releases.

Crazee Comics also debuted its newest project "NaniTales" at the Kids Comic Con

Catch Da Craze Podcast is on a consistent growth pattern with over 200k hits and recognized as a premiere source for all things Independent. Catch da Craze is the Official Sponsor of the 3rd Annual Indy After Party April 19th at the Twins Pub.

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Catch Da Craze Podcast celebrates its 2nd year of in production with over 100 creator interviews and dozens more shows on movies, gaming, publishing, music and more. One of the shows in particular is "The Comic Show" What did you pick up lately? This was scheduled to be a weekly show which became a monthly show because of work loads. Because of the massive requests to bring the show back on its regular schedule, CDC developed the Comic Video show. Fans were elated and now can expect a weekly 10 video show discussing books reviewed and read by the host. Here is a sample below.

The Adventures of Cosmic Gorf is slated for a Summer release in the 2nd Volume of NaniTales by Samuel Vera.

The Story is set on the planet Krystalia and young Gorf is planning on skipping going to the Academy and convinces the young Princess Reyna to accompany him on a daring adventure. They sneak on the community school bus and head for Neptune where they sneak off. They find they have an guest in Doodie from the planet Uranus. The adventure goes south once they are taken captive. Will they go out of this safely? Only one way to find out.

Samuel Vera Appeared on National Television

Crazee Comics Media Group LLC, a small press publisher of Comics & All Age Stories has announced today that it's founder Samuel Vera has appeared on National Television February 10th 2008 and the segment re-aired in March.

Samuel Vera most noted for the Critically Acclaimed series "There's an Alien in my Toilet" and for the podcast show "Catch Da Craze", a show for independents in comics, gaming and more has been selected to appear on American Latino Television. The show coincides with the soon to be released children series "Mandie Pandie & The Oogoolie Boogoolie's" as well a the Trade paperback Edition of There's an Alien in my Toilet; all created by Samuel Vera. The segment focuses on Samuel Vera as an Hispanic Business man today and his plans for the future.

AMERICAN LATINO TV AIM Tell-A-Vision Group is proud to present the Sixth season of the Award-Winning American Latino Tv.

American Latino TV is a nationally syndicated, half-hour program that celebrates American Latino Pride. The weekly, award winning half-hour show sets the standard for culturally relevant television for young, U.S. born Latinos in the United States.
About Samuel Vera

Samuel Vera has garnered local and National attention for his series and has appeared on radio, print and television including CBS owned KDKA radio, KUSI Channel 9 San Diego News, On the inside now radio, Nuff Said radio, NYU Radio, The Writers Workshop radio show, Fan Boy radio, License Magazine, NJ Journal Newspaper and more.


Samuel Vera attended the 2nd Annual Kids Comic Con March 29th at the Bronx Community College to a major success. The debut and launch of the Children's book NaniTales was not only a hit with the kids but also with the media. Samuel gave 3 interviews to members of the press including News12, The Neighborhood Journal and Family Magazine. For more images go here: PHOTO'S To listen to the event wrap up show on CDC go HERE

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Samuel Vera was interviewed on News 12 Bronx for his work on all ages comics and children books. The show aired March 29th at 5:00 PM.
Samuel Vera was interviewed on the Cable Vision network talk news and talk show "Neighborhood Journal" for his work on children's books. Air date TBD.


Crazee Comics Media is currently seeking partnerships to license its property and brands in all forms of Entertainment including but not limited to Film, Animation, Game Development, Toys, Clothing and more. Brands currently available are There's an Alien in my Toilet, Doodie's Adventures, Hi I'm Doodie from Uranus, The Oogoolie Boogoolie's, Scary Aerie, Mandie Pandie, The Adventures of Cosmic Gorf, Cosmic Wars, Forbidden and NaniTales. Interested parties please forward inquiries HERE!!!


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More News Here:

NaniTales Volume #1 is available through Crazee for purchase.

Events: Next stop New York Comic Con. Samuel Vera will be on hand in the Artist Alley section K31-32.

San Diego Comic Con: Samuel Vera will be in Small Press S09 signing copies of his books and meeting with fans.

Members of the Media:

Interested in interviewing Samuel Vera on your TV or Radio show? Want to conduct an interview for your paper or magazine? Contact us HERE!!!


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