January Edition 2008:

Crazee Media Group LLC is gearing up for an exciting 2008 with a new line of stories for all ages. One of the first to see print will be "Mandie Pandie" in The Curfew, a story created and written by Samuel Vera with interior art by Hector Rodriguez. The story centers around a young girl named Mandie Pandie. Because of her active imagination, she finds her stuffed dolls become real and influences in her life ignite all sorts of wonderful adventures. In the first of the MP series, Mandie disregards the rules and avoids her curfew to sneak in the living room at night and watch some television. Well, there happened to be a scary movie on and because of it Mandie ends up learning a hard lesson.

For the first time here is a sneak peak into "Mandie Pandie" in The Curfew. Slated for a spring release.

Mandie Pandie is currently up for licensing is various forms. All interested parties please contact Rick Jacobs @ Circle of Confusion.

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Catch Da Craze Podcast celebrates its 2nd year of in production with over 100 creator interviews and dozens more shows on movies, gaming, publishing, music and more. One of the shows in particular is "The Comic Show" What did you pick up lately? This was scheduled to be a weekly show which became a monthly show because of work loads. Because of the massive requests to bring the show back on its regular schedule, CDC developed the Comic Video show. Fans were elated and now can expect a weekly 10 video show discussing books reviewed and read by the host. Here is a sample below.

Samuel Vera to Appear on National Television

Crazee Comics Media Group LLC, a small press publisher of Comics & All Age Stories has announced today that it?s founder Samuel Vera will appear on National Television February 10th 2008.

Samuel Vera most noted for the Critically Acclaimed series "There's an Alien in my Toilet" and for the podcast show ?Catch Da Craze?, a show for independents in comics, gaming and more has been selected to appear on American Latino Television. The show coincides with the soon to be released children series "Mandie Pandie & The Oogoolie Boogoolie's" as well a the Trade paperback Edition of There's an Alien in my Toilet; all created by Samuel Vera. The segment focuses on Samuel Vera as an Hispanic Business man today and his plans for the future.

AMERICAN LATINO TV AIM Tell-A-Vision Group is proud to present the Sixth season of the Award-Winning American Latino Tv.

American Latino TV is a nationally syndicated, half-hour program that celebrates American Latino Pride. The weekly, award winning half-hour show sets the standard for culturally relevant television for young, U.S. born Latinos in the United States.
About Samuel Vera

Samuel Vera has garnered local and National attention for his series and has appeared on radio, print and television including CBS owned KDKA radio, KUSI Channel 9 San Diego News, On the inside now radio, Nuff Said radio, NYU Radio, The Writers Workshop radio show, Fan Boy radio, License Magazine, NJ Journal Newspaper and more.

Crazee Comics formed in 2003 and is based in NJ; an independent publisher of comic books, collectors cards, all ages stories and animation. For more visit: www.crazeecomics.com
The show airs the week of 2/04-2/10. NY/NJ residents the show airs on the 10th at 4:00 PM EST Channel MY9. To find where to watch in your city/ state please visit: http://aimtvgroup.com/altv/wheretowatch/


The NYC 2nd Annual Kids Comic Con will be held at the Bronx Community College March 29th. The event is sponsored by Reed's NY Comic Con in coordination with Kids Day at the NY Comic Con.

Samuel Vera will be in attendance and fans can expect to get their hands on the first printing of NaniTales. This collected edition Trade will house three all ages stories such as Mandie Pandie, The Oogoolie Boogoolies & Doodies Adventrues.

Also available will be There's an Alien in my Toilet merchandise and the first Trade Paperback. Original Sketch cards by Samuel Vera will be available at a reduced rate just for the event. FORUM

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As part of the "There's an Alien in my Toilet" brand, Crazee Media Group is currently developing it's independently produced 3D animated Trailer "Project Doodie". The trailer will demonstrate Doodie's brand potential by highlighting his consumer appeal through his many character designs and looks taken directly from the series. There's an Alien in my Toilet has garnered media and network attention since it's debut in 2006. The brand is currently available for licensing. All interested parties please contact Rick Jacobs.
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